Unravel the history and secrets of Hidden Town with every game.

Escape from the Shadows

Detective Ren Larsen has received a strange request: Bring someone back from the afterlife. Bastian has been kidnapped by the shadows and taken to another world, and he must be returned or he will become a shadow forever. 
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Another Shadow

Bastian and Carissa have moved into a new home experiencing paranormal events. But it is not the house that hosts these specters. The shadow of an ancient curse has returned and it won’t go away until he gets what he wants.
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Haunted Laia

A new family has arrived in Hidden Town, but from the day they moved in they have experienced harassment from strange presences in their own home until after a few days they disappeared without a trace. 
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The Ghost Case

20 years ago there was a horrible murder in Hidden Town, and the murderer was never caught. Detective Ren Larsen has received strange messages from the afterlife. Apparently the souls of the victims cannot rest in peace.
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Nowhere House

A long time ago a witch lived in Hidden Town. Her house remains at the top of the hill to this day. Legend has it that if you walk into her house, you can be trapped forever. Would you dare to investigate if it is true?
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Unwanted Experiment

A scientist has arrived in Hidden Town. It is rumored that he is conducting very strange experiments. He has kidnapped you and has you trapped in his laboratory. Try to escape before he returns and you become a victim of his experiments.
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The Girl in the Window

The people of Hidden Town are scared. The villagers claim to have seen the figure of a girl who looks from the window of one of the houses. Which is very strange, because that house has been abandoned 20 years ago.
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Who We Are

Dark Dome is an indie game studio based in Peru. It was founded in 2019 by Aldo Mujica and Sandro de la Riva Aguero.

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We find in escape games the way to fulfill our long-standing wishes to create stories. We always liked the idea of creating video games and directing movies. Our games are the channel through which we shape everything we have in mind.Our universe takes place in Hidden Town, a distant place where unusual things are happening. We have created this world and decided fill it of mystery and suspense scenes to capture the player in the game. With each game, new stories of the inhabitants are revealed as well as the enigmas and secrets that disturb the town. Immerse yourself in our surreal stories and discover the mystery of Hidden Town.

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We have prepared incredible and mysterious merchandise for you to experience Hidden Town beyond the screens. We have t-shirts, hoodies, posters, and mugs. All within the theme of Hidden Town and with the most memorable scenes and characters from the games.


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We are Aldo and Sandro, together we created our own indie game studio in 2019 called Dark Dome. Our desire is to be able to live from this and dedicate ourselves to this full time, we want to make games, create incredible stories and unique universes in which you feel identified. Your support on patreon means a lot to us, as it encourages us and gives us the resources to develop more and better games.

There are still many mysteries to be solved in Hidden Town, help us to continue creating them and bring more fun to many more people. We thank you very much for joining this adventure and becoming an inhabitant of Hidden Town.

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